Our Local Inspiration of this is week is none other than Mr. Wyatt Marchant. He has been inspiring people for years and we have no doubt he will continue to do so. Hard worked and determination and evident on his physique and we are proud to recognize his efforts today. Congrats to you Wyatt and keep up the great work!  Read his story, learn a little about him, be inspired and check out his FB Page HERE

Growing up I was always fit. I LOVED working out. In fact in college my friends used to call me “The Workout Nazi” because I loved it so much. But after college I went through a phase where I stopped eating healthy and working out. During this time my weight steadily climbed. It got to the point where I was walking around in a body that just wasn’t mine. Every time I’d go up a pant size I was devastated.

Finally I reached a weight of 229 pounds and at that point I refused to let myself get to 230. That was my breaking point. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I committed to working out every day and slowly started to cuz things out of my diet. Through a lot of trial and error (mostly error. Haha) I dropped 40 pounds down to 190.

At that point I knew I was still missing the biggest piece of the puzzle…my nutrition wasn’t as dialed in as it could be. So I decided to prepare for my first men’s physique competition and I jumped I’m with both feet. Since then I’ve competed in eight men’s physique or bodybuilding competitions. It was the hardest thing I had ever done, but it was also the best thing I’ve ever done. It really showed me what I am made of!

I can now say that I’ve truly made fitness a lifestyle. Fitness has made me a much more confident person. It’s made me a much more resilient person. I’ve had much fewer illnesses since cleaning up my diet and feel good from the inside out.

I wish everyone knew that they could feel how I feel. I wish they knew that they really do have the will power and discipline to reach their fitness goals. Once you see progress its incredibly motivating and things just snowball from there. Consistency every day is key. If you fall down get back up. Surround yourself with positive people and enjoy the journey!