Anyone who’s seen Sean and his wife Morgan, knows that they are a fitness couple. It’s pretty obvious right off the bat. They have both achieved incredible physiques through hard work and dedication. Together, they continue to inspire, train, and motivate people towards a healthier lifestyle and towards achieving their fitness goals. BeephMeals would like to recognize Sean and Morgan and is proud to feature them as the first Local Inspirations on the BeephMeals website. Feel free to comment below and show some love to this amazing couple.

Name: Sean Smith

Home Gym: Vasa American Fork

Motivation: Ever since I was 18, I’ve had the goal of having an elite physique. My main motivation is reaching the goal of what I have envisioned in my mind with my physique, be an IFBB pro, and to motivate and empower others.

Tips: It all comes down to consistency, patience, and only comparing your progress to yourself and not others. The best results I have gotten are from dialing in my nutrition, lifting smart by not compromising form in order to put more weight up, and focusing on HIIT training as oppose to hours of cardio throughout the week. I listen to my body when I need a break, have balance in my life so I don’t get burnt out on fitness, and take a cheat meal when I need it.