We would like to congratulate Michelle Clements on her amazing progress and transformation. She was lost about 134 pounds and went from a shirt size 4XL to XL and from Size 30 to 18! Her favorite place to train is the CrossFit West Jordan box where she gets things done. Congrats on your progress! Read about her journey below.

I woke up one day and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! After 18 grueling years of being over weight it was time for a change.I thought of quitting even in week one, but because people encouraged me I simply could not give up, it was the people and friends who have helped me through. It took about 3 months before the workouts seemed to get easier. I made a quest to never walk again around a building. I surely have never walked in five years around no building or down no street. I just run or jog. There is no giving up.

I was an avid Diet coke drinker,Chips salsa eater, and candy lover. I just loved my sugar. It didn’t help my workouts. I did a Usana Reset program and have done the same for five years. I have to say that learning to fuel your body with the right nutritions is by far harder than working out. You have to quit the junk.

Two years after I started bootcamp I started Crossfit. Crossfit? yeah right!  Pull-ups , lifting , burpees ,box jumps ,thrusters, snatching…No freaking way would I like that. Well, I will tell you it has become the best addiction I could have in my life. I made goals to compete when I turned 40 . I feel like I can do anything . I love Crossfit! It has helped me be healthier and be more in control of my life. I have more confidence and train harder than most at my box. I am not afraid to compete and I am not afraid to do what others hate to do. I love to lift heavy and keep working on technique. Crossfit is the best  new addiction for someone who’s already addicted to food and needs to change. Learn to lift and learn to lift others up and do something you never thought you could do. challenge yourself and become the best. You need to be the change in the world. New Life New Journey to fit. The story never ends. Get up and do it Crossfit Junkie .

Michelle Clements