Kehley Ellison

We are excited to feature SURGE SUPPLEMENTS sponsored athlete Kehley Ellison. She is on her way to some big shows this year and has definitely inspired many along the way. Read about her story, motivation and goals below and don’t forget to show some love on the comments below!

Working out has always been a huge part of who I am. There is something so therapeutic about it for me and at the same time so rewarding. After having two babies I think I went through what a lot of moms do… That baby blue stage where you feel overwhelmed, depressed, and you see the girls in the magazines and always think “I wish I could have that body or even just The TIME to work out.” I felt weak, I wasn’t happy with myself and I felt like my girls could see that weakness in me and that is when I decided to stop wishing for that body and finally take action and Make it happen!

I wanted to feel strong for not only me but for my kids and so thats exactly what I did! :) I’m not going to lie… It was Hard! But I knew I had to do it! I needed to step out of my comfort zone and do the things that I always feared the most. And competing was one of them! NEVER in a million years did I ever think l would be that girl that I always dreamed of becoming! But with a lot of hard work and dedication I turned my dreams into a reality and conquered that fear and stepped on that stage and have never looked back!! I truly have such a love and passion for this sport and have never been happier or felt stronger, both mentally and physically! There is a saying that I have always held onto and that is “strength is beauty” and I truly believe that.
My goal in life is to help others achieve their goals and more than anything help them realize they Can! I’m so grateful for all of those that believed in me and helped me get where I am today. And for all the new relationships I have formed with people who continue to help push me and who inspire me to keep going! :) xo

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