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Justin Sloan



Justin Sloan


Name: Justin Sloan
From: Santa Barbara, CA
Age: 26
Height: 6'0"
Social Media:

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Current Workout Playlist

"Simple Man" Lynard Skynard
"Wrong Side of Heaven" 5 Finger Death Punch
"In the End" Linkin Park

Reason for Staying Fit:

Finding new ways to push my body to its limits has been a passion for me since day one. Creating a life style to become a rounded athlete starting with just over a decade of training in the ring having a family owned boxing academy, it was in my blood. Going from the ring to the cage then onto Crossfit my last 3 years has influenced me to hold a helping hand out to any needing a push in the fitness or nutrition realm.

Favorite BeephMeal?

CARNE!! With Beeph Meals Salsa, 4 egg whites and pan seared purple sweet potato.