You’ve most likely seen her exerting domination over the VASA gym in Orem. With her striking physique, inspiring dedication, and uplifting personality, it is hard to let Jessica Wilcox unnoticed. BeephMeals is proud and lucky to be able to  feature Jessica as a local inspiration! Learn about her and her journey by reading below.

Coming from over 15 years of severe depression and anxiety, I finally found daily exercise and “clean” eating to be the beginning of a brand new lease on life. I have a PASSION for fitness and know it will be an intrinsic part of my present and future.

We are all in this together! I am here to support others in their fitness and health endeavors as well as require a high level of athleticism from myself. Adding to my quality of life, quality supplements have also played a large part in supporting my now strong body, mind and soul.

I would go as far to say that supplementing a healthy, mostly whole foods diet with additional vitamins and minerals is required to be at peak performance, even elite physical condition. I then had a huge life event take place in October of 2012 where I had the opportunity to pour an incredible amount of grief, blood, sweat and tears into hours upon hours (sometimes 20+ hrs/wk) of training, where it became my place of counseling and refuge, overcoming weakness.

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