Derrick Jackman

Today we would like to feature Derrick Jackman. He has put in the work and deserves to be recognized. Although he has never had any professional help, he’s figured out how get his body in competition ready status all while balancing his job and family. We are proud to recognize his hard work and dedication! Check him out below!

I’ve been into athletics my entire life, but it’s only been over the last few years that I got serious about my fitness. You might say I’m obsessed. I often get in two workouts a day between balancing a full-time job as well as contract work, time with my wife, family, and

Though I’ve never used a personal trainer or nutritionist, I recently completed my second body building competition.

My drive to compete and improve myself has extended to a desire to see everyone around me improve. I’m always excited to see someone take the leap into the world of fitness and glad to lend a hand so people can reach their goals as I continue to drive to be my best self both
personally and physically.

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