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Colton Omer


Colton Omer


Name: Colton Omer
From: Orem, Utah
Age: 25
Height: 5'9
Social Media:

face | insta

Current Workout Playlist

Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard "Hungry"
Yelawolf "Till It's Gone"
Eminem "Lose Yourself"

Reason for Staying Fit:

A former baseball player that fell in love with the gym when my career as a ball player was over. Also struggled with with healthy issues at a young age. I had two options to get better. One was to rely on a pill or the other was to live a healthy life style through diet and exercise. Chose option two and never looked back and couldn't be happier. I love pushing myself past my limits and understanding there are still new plateaus to overcome.

Favorite BeephMeal?

Chicken Fajita with wholewheat tortilla!