Talk about POWER WITHIN! Meet Chase “Chaco” Comrie and learn how this driven, die-hard crossfitter has shown MS what’s up. Chase can be found coaching and inspiring people at the Generator Crossfit gym in Provo. Read about him below and comment to show some love and support.

My name is Chase Comrie, I’m 25 Years old, and I wake up everyday fighting the good fight against Multiple Sclerosis, and more importantly I am a Crossfit Athlete.

When I was 21 years old I was having Severe Seizures and numbness with the exception of regular pains in the left side of my body.  Every time I would wake from my seizures I would ask myself if this was going to be the time that my athletic career would be over, and I would be paralyzed as some “MS” patients do?  I Played Volleyball competitively and made many appearances in pro tournaments in my career, and thought that volleyball was my Muse.  That was when I was introduced to Crossfit.

While talking with my brother about how bad I wanted to beat this disease he showed me a clip of the Reebok Crossfit Games, and I said I wanted to be like those men and women, because they exemplified all that was strong in the human body.  Little did I know that their power, taught me about the Power From Within.  Although I haven’t made it to the Games, I have spent the better part of the Last 2 years training myself, and perfecting myself as a coach.  My symptoms have decreased by 70%, and I have a seizure only about twice a year( I used to have them twice a week).  Now I’m part of the greatest gym, Generator Crossfit, where we exemplify the Power From Within.

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