Candice Leishman

Our local inspiration this week is the amazing Candice Leishman! She is not only a mother of three, but she kicks butt every day achieving her goals in the gym. She is an inspiration to many around her and is determined to make it to the top of the fitness industry. Lear a bit more about what motivates her and keeps her going by reading below. Don’t refrain from showing some love on the comments section below!

I’ve always been into having a fit life because I’m the youngest, and only girl, of three boys in my family. I had to keep up with them, of course. I was always playing sports, dancing, cheerleading and gymnastics, just leading a very active lifestyle. It was, and is, what makes me happy. I did beauty pageants growing up, and I would come away with the fitness award, because I was so passionate about it… Still am. I actually started weight lifting my senior year of high school and have continued with it, with my husband who is dedicated to it like me, because I love seeing the changes of the human body, not only in myself, but those I help train.

There’s so much in those world to be motivated by; so much positive and negative that you can take from and use it to motivate you in a good way. My first motivation would be myself. I’ve learned over the years, you have to find determination within yourself, first, before you can let outside elements effect your own motivation. The drive, the dedication, the sacrifice that any goal you set for yourself can only be made by you, so let that be your own motivation. Secondly, my family, my husband…my kids. I have three kids who look up to me for everything. Leading a healthy and active lifestyle, and striving for my goals, shows them that the easy way in life, never renders the best results. Sacrifice and hard work is what truly brings the happiness in whatever you set out to do. If you believe it, you can achieve it.

Being a fitness/bodybuilding competitor, who wouldn’t want to step on that Olympia Stage? But more importantly, what comes from pushing for such an amazing goal like that?… Impacting others; showing them that it can be done, no matter what size, shape, age, etc. I would love to grace a cover a magazine. I’ve been a model since I was a teenager and that has always been a huge goal of mine. Owning my own gym where I can have my own cliental come and work with me on a one to one basis; giving my time to help others improve their overall health. And even travel the world one day, where I can do fitness expos and boot camps!! That seems like so much fun and so impactful. I love helping others, making people happy, putting a smile on someone’s face.

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