Braden Jenkins

It has been a little while since we’ve done a feature but we’re back at it! With so many amazing athletes in our great state of Utah it’s hard not to. Today we are featuring someone who commands mad respect and props. He is young, fierce and determined! Truly embodies what we at BeephMeals strive for. He is Braden Jenkins and here’s his story. (If you would like to be featured please emails us at

I love aggressive and challenging sports. Before I began lifting and competing in Olympic Lifting, I played rugby. I helped create and captain a team called the South County Crusaders. We competed in multiple State tournaments and won the State Championships in 2012. I played from 2009-2013 It was near the end of my rugby career that I was introduced into Olympic Weightlifting. I started Olympic Lifting in the Spring of 2013. Shortly after I developed a love for the sport and how challenging it was mentally and physically. I began competing in Olympic lifting in the Spring of 2014. I now hold 6 State Records, took 3rd at Junior Nationals for the 94kg weight class in 2015 and my current lifts are 136kg Snatch and 170kg Clean and Jerk. I love it more than anything. It is my life. I love it because it acts as an avenue for progression in multiple aspects of my life. As well as having a desire to be physically fit and healthy, it is a sport and a process that is mentally developing and spiritually awakening. It seems to round out everything in my life. I love the challenge it brings, as well as the lessons. I love the discipline, the grind, the self-discovery, and the live in the moment mindset that has to come with setting goals and achieving a dream. My goal is to lift and compete in the Tokoyo 2020 Olympics. Along the way, I hope to continue to find myself and find a large part of my personal happiness in Olympic Lifting and the journey it gives. I hope that someday, my story and my influence will inspire other people to inspire themselves, so that they can have an inspiration or push in finding their own happiness. I’m blessed to be able to compete, coach, and live an Olympic Lifting lifestyle.

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