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Abby Hatch



Abby Hatch


Name: Abby Hatch
From: Salt Lake City, UT
Age: 21
Height: 5'8
Social Media:

face | insta

Current Workout Playlist

"Ayo" Chris Brown & Tyga
"Sweet Victory" Trip Lee"
"All Things Go" Nicki Minaj

Reason for Staying Fit:

I've always been an athlete and when my competitive athletics came to an end I got involved in lifting and completely fell in love! I love everything about fitness - the challenges it provides me, the way it makes me look and feel, the empowering feeling it enables me and so much more! When you overcome physical challenges you are strengthened both physically and especially mentally. Seeing yourself progress is one of the most motivating things ever! Fitness has become my lifestyle and something I can't go a day without.

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