Chandler Carson

If you go the University Vasa then you’ve are sure to have seen Chandler busting out some crazy moves. This guy puts in work everyday and the results show. Check him out on the video below and look out for him in the future. He’s got some big things coming up 😉 (If you would like to be featured please emails us at


The reason that I started working out was because in high school I didn’t really have a sport that I was good at. I had a hard time being around others and I didn’t really have something that made me extremely happy. I always struggled in school and having friends, when I started going to the gym not only did I realize that it made me extremely happy but I also realized that I could associate with people that had the same love and passion as me. Going to the gym gave me a sense of direction, it helps me stay focused and allows me to release the good and bad energy that I encounter each day. It has quite frankly saved my life in more ways than one. It’s the absolute best outlet I have found. And of course you get to get better looking, who doesn’t love that aspect as well.

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